About 2.0

My name is Jesse Walden. I am a VC at Andreessen Horowitz.

I grew up in and around NYC: born in Manhattan, learned to ride a bike in Queens, and went to high school in Great Neck. I moved to Montreal, Canada to attend McGill University, where I graduated with a B.A. in Art History and Economics.

Montreal had an extremely special music scene at that time, which was why I started a party and concert promotion company, learned French, and stuck around long enough to became a permanent resident of Canada.

After returning to NYC, I  co-founded an artist management company focused on helping independent artists engage their fans directly on the internet. It was a privilege to work with artists I consider generational talents, including Solange Knowles, Blood Orange, Majical Cloudz and many more. That crew also helped to launch Boiler Room in North America, where we pioneered live-streamed performances to online audiences.

In 2013 I learned about Bitcoin, which sparked the idea for Mediachain, a decentralized media attribution protocol that I co-founded in 2014. Mediachain Lasbs was later acquired by Spotify, where I led R&D on blockchains and crypto networks. I joined Andreessen Horowitz to take a wider view of the world of decentralized networks and spin out a16z crypto, a venture fund dedicated to investing in blockchain computing and it's applications.

I live between Brooklyn and San Francisco, and when I'm lucky I do so with my wife, a touring singer and artist. I am forever drawn to creative people, inspiring ideas, and perfect sounds.

I'm looking forward to sharing more thoughts on this blog, twitter, and in the conversations below.


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