Hi, I'm Jesse.

I invest in startups at Variant. Previously, I worked as an investor and on an crypto education program at Andreessen Horowitz. Prior to that I co-founded an early blockchain startup called Mediachain Labs, which was acquired by Spotify. Prior, to startups, I worked in music with some of my favorite artists.

Some more...

I grew up in and around New York City. I studied Art History and Economics at McGill University in Montreal.

While in school, I started a number of businesses aligned with my obsession with music. Web design, then flyers, parties, a tool for event management on Facebook, and then concerts, at a time when Montreal had a super special music scene.  

Back in New York, I co-founded an artist management firm focused on using new platforms to help artists stay independent. I was privileged to work with people I consider generational talents, including Solange Knowles, Blood Orange, Majical Cloudz and many more. That team also helped launch Boiler Room in North America, where we pioneered live-streamed performances in 2012.

In 2013, I learned about Bitcoin. It planted a seed that led to co-founding Mediachain, a infrastructure protocol to help creators earn more of the value they contribute to platforms that distribute their work . Mediachain Labs was acquired by Spotify.

In 2018, I joined the Andreessen Horowitz investment team to take a wider view of crypto networks and the applications they enable.

I am forever drawn to creative people, inspiring ideas, and perfect sounds.

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