My first professional decade(ish)

I spent the first half of the decade doing overlapping music things:

2010 - concert promoter
2012-  live streaming, SaaS tool
2013 - artist manager

The second half doing tech things —specifically, "crypto" (née "blockchain") things

2015 - entrepreneur
2017 - investing / product / r&d
2018 - VC

The through-line is interestingness, at least to me. There are too many stories to type, and that's been the point. These are stories made by being around, and working with, talented, hard working people participating in history by pushing from the margins to realize a creative idea.

In the next decade, I hope extend this line to new people, new ideas, new dots connected, more memorable stories.

A half decade more and this decade's margins will be center. The term "crypto" will be eclipsed by the names of hit networks and services. And there will be new stories to tell.

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